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Save your Code Snippets

If you repeatedly find yourself looking for code that you wrote a few months back to use it in your new project then you may feel the pain of having to dig it through. I know I felt it and so I began on my conquest to find the perfect... [Read More]

Handlebars Split Strings Helper

Handlebars is great. What is Handlebars I hear you say? Doh!! Do you embed your HTML code in JS code. Bad….Handlebars to the rescue. String Splitter While using Handlebars I came across a scenario where I had to split a string using a delimiter and then push the contents... [Read More]

Query String Parameters

For Asp.net Web Forms

One of the things that I always used to hate was the query string parameters in a ASP.NET page because you had to reference the query string code in different parts of the page and that caused a bit of repeated code and also made it difficult for other developers... [Read More]