Save your Code Snippets

If you repeatedly find yourself looking for code that you wrote a few months back to use it in your new project then you may feel the pain of having to dig it through. I know I felt it and so I began on my conquest to find the perfect snippets tool but alas it was too hard to find. My requirements were simple:

  1. It must be central so that I can access from anywhere
  2. It must be easy to use and find my snippets
  3. It must be fast
  4. It must support various language markups e.g. HTML, JS, C# etc.

Well it wasn’t easy to find and after spending a lot of time and some money on a software that I thought was good, didn’t turn out to be so. Was I disappointed. Hell yeah until one day when I saw GistBoxApp on Google Chrome app store. This has been a real lifesaver and best of all, it doesn’t cost you a penny. I would definately urge any serious developer to take a look. Warning: Your life may not be the same again.