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Creating Powershell GUI using WPF

Creating WPF Powershell GUI Creating a powershell GUI is really simple but it can be hard to find the right information. I started off using PoshGUI.com to create the GUI using winforms but that tool turned into a monthly paid subscription so I had to find an alternative. Also,... [Read More]

ISO8601, ServiceStack and Browsers

The three musketeers

Carrying on from my previous Understanding ISO8601 International Date Standard Post. What’s the deal? Well you will see that in a minute. Different settings in ServiceStack will result in different date output being returned, specially when you are interested in ISO8601 format. This whole post assumes that... [Read More]

Choosing a hosting for NopCommerce – My Experience

Short Story I had a lot of trouble with one of the recommended NopCommerce hosting provider and so later on went with Everleap (which is also recommended) and I’m much happy now. I’d recommend going with Everleap or at-least try out their trial version before choosing your hosting provider.... [Read More]