Authentication with Angular-Meteor and Ionic

Where's the manual?

Well, the Meteor authentication works out of the box and it’s great but what if you want to use it with Angular-Meteor package and Ionic. I had to do that recently and it took me a while and gave me some grief but in the end it came out to be pretty simple. So let me share my secret recipe with you.

I looked at the following tutorials initially to see how I would be able to achieve this:

So do I really have to have custom UI for the Ionic project? Is that the only way?

ehhh… no… unless you really really want to create one and if you do then please share your solution in the comments below. It would be great to see another alternative.

So what’s your solution dude?

Include the following packages in your meteor project. The key ingredient is Urigo’s Angular-blaze-template package.


Add a authentication-template.hooks.js file in your client folder.

    .run(function ($ionicHistory, $state) {
		AccountsTemplates.options.onSubmitHook = onSubmitHook;
		AccountsTemplates.options.onLogoutHook = onLogoutHook;
		function onSubmitHook(error, state) {
			if (!error) {
				if (state === "signIn" || state === "signUp") {
						historyRoot: true


		function onLogoutHook() {
				historyRoot: true



Include the authentication form in your login page:

<ion-view title="Login" class="pane-login" hide-nav-bar="true">
    <ion-content padding="false">
        <blaze-template name="atForm"></blaze-template>

For more information about what forms are available and other UserAccounts for Meteor options have a look at their documentation.

Also, read through the documentation for Meteor-UserAccounts/ionic package.

Also, you probably also want to configure your account templates. I included this in my lib/authentication/account-template.config.js.

    //defaultLayout: 'emptyLayout',
    showForgotPasswordLink: false,
    overrideLoginErrors: true,
    enablePasswordChange: true,
    sendVerificationEmail: false,

    //enforceEmailVerification: true,
    //confirmPassword: true,
    //continuousValidation: false,
    //displayFormLabels: true,
    //forbidClientAccountCreation: false,
    //formValidationFeedback: true,
    //homeRoutePath: 'paaths',
    //showAddRemoveServices: false,
    //showPlaceholders: true,

    negativeValidation: false,
    negativeFeedback: false,
    positiveValidation: false,
    positiveFeedback: false,

    // Privacy Policy and Terms of Use
    //privacyUrl: 'privacy',
    //termsUrl: 'terms-of-use',
	// onSubmitHook: mySubmitFunc

Checkout this code in use in my side project

Sehaj Paath Tracker Source Code

Sehaj Paath Tracker Demo


I am no expert in Meteor and Ionic so if you have any improvements to suggest or you appreciate this article then please leave a comment below :-).